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Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Creative Thinking and Action For the Next Generation In many ways family businesses drives the wealth and therefore health of communities, countries, even the planet. How can the next generation contribute positively? What are young (age 20 – 40) social entrepreneurs...

At Any Price – Great Movie

The newly released movie “At Any Price” illuminates a number of the great struggles most families in business face. This is a story about a fourth generation family set in Iowa which begins at a Sales Meeting for entrepreneurial farmers where the mantra is expand or...


    Listen to Dr. Marc Silverman discussing succession planning, conflict resolution and development of health for families in business by simply clicking on the word RADIO to hear the discussion...

Impact of Spirituality on Leadership

Does Great Leadership Require Connected-ness to One’s Soul? A Think Tank on the Impact of Spirituality on Leadership A Weekend Forum – July 25 - 27, 2014 In Villa de Leyva, Colombia Do great leaders need a spiritual dimension? What makes for Great and Authentic...

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